Past Productions

What Once Was Ours



Created against the background of Brexit, What Once Was Ours was developed through direct contact with young people across the country and uses their words and opinions to explore how politics and national values impact on the complex lives of one family. Beautiful imagery, striking original music and immersive design combine to create this powerful new production for young people, which asks why we’ve become so fearful of anyone who is different from us.


2015 - 2017

Developed in collaboration with Psychologists and inspired by true stories of young people, Thrive is a life-affirming look at finding hope in the face of adversity. The Production surrounds the audience to portray the most challenging of emotions with courage and optimism.

Boy Meets Girl

2014 - 2016

Join Boy and Girl as they journey through the joy, hope and heartbreak of looking for love. Colourfully created for public spaces, Boy Meets Girl fuses an exciting mix of dance, theatre and silent disco technology.


2013 - 2016

Zest Theatre’s groundbreaking, immersive production allows you to control the conversations you listen to through Silent Disco technology. Put on your headphones, step through Sam’s front door and Gatecrash the party.

Man Up

2012 - 2015

Aiden and Tom face their toughest challenge yet. A play about growing up and what it really means to 'Man Up'.

One Friday Night


Join a group of teenagers on One Friday Night that will change their lives forever.

Choked Up


Follow Josh, his family and his friends as they deal with the consequences of smoking on their lives.

Two To Tango


A hilarious play about the difference between what people say and the reality of how they actually feel.

Past Participation



In collaboration with North East Lincolnshire Council and CapeUK, 2030 was an innovative new project for Grimsby. In partnership with the Youth Offending Service, Zest worked intensively with young people to discover how they can face the future with creativity and self-belief. What could their life be like by 2030?

Summer Challenge

2012 - 2016

Zest's summer outreach programme gives young people 5 days to write, produce and perform their own productions ready for an invited audience. This usually forms the first stage of R&D for our new shows where we test concepts, starting points and ideas with our target age range.

Neon Youth Theatre

2008 - 2015

Neon was Zest's youth theatre programme for young people in Lincolnshire with 2 youth theatre groups across the county. 12 original, full productions were created by the groups over the 7 years that Neon ran. Click below to see the highlights.

Optimum Performance

2008 - 2010

In partnership with Lincolnshire County Council, 'Optimum Performance' became the banner for all of Zest's projects in Boston between 2008 and 2010. What originally started as a small weekly performing arts group at Carlton Road Youth Centre quickly expanded and developed with several spin off projects across the whole borough.

Gallery37 Plus

2008 - 2009

Newark and Sherwood's Gallery 37 programme provided high quality arts activities for young people across the district. With a focus on those not in Education, Employment or training (NEET), Zest delivered a range of arts apprenticeships, short term projects and taster sessions.